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Explore RMIT’s
innovative technology programs

Are you a fan of science, engineering & technology programs? Are you curious about what an RMIT classroom is like? For the first time, RMIT offers 3 online workshops of the newly launched and most in-demand programs from the School of Science, Engineering & Technology. 

Gain an insight into the industry, learn more about the programs, and explore student life by chatting with our lecturers and students. 

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Vui lòng điền thông tin để được tư vấn

Thông tin của bạn sẽ không được chia sẻ cho bên thứ ba. 

Interactive Workshops

All workshops will be delivered in English by our international academics from RMIT Melbourne.


Know ‘thyself’, know the world

This workshop will provide some interesting psychological tools for self-exploration. Besides, participants will be instructed how different subfields in psychology can be applied to develop self-awareness as well as understand others to live harmoniously together.


Flying high: The future of aviation

This workshop will provide an opportunity for participants to gain an appreciation of all the key players that are involved in getting us safely from one destination to another by air travel, and to consider the key skills and future opportunities that will be available to students in the aviation industry.

Food Technology & Nutrition

The Power of Food - SEE the future

This workshop introduces you to the emerging trends in food technology and nutrition, shaping the future of food. Participants will be guided on how to read the nutritional labels on food packages that help select the healthier version of food commodities.


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Guest Speakers

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Associate Prof. Dr. Nic Connelly

  • Associate Professor in Aviation 

  • 32 years of operational aviation experience in both Airline Traffic Management and with major Airline 

  • Areas of expertise: Air Traffic Management, Accident Investigations, Safety Systems, Airline Management, Risk Management.

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Prof. Adrian Orifici

  • Professor, School of Engineering 

  • 15+ years academic experience in aerospace structures, and supports RMIT's aviation teaching in Hong Kong, Vietnam and Singapore.   

  • Areas of expertise: Aerospace structures, Composite materials, Finite element analysis.

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Dao Gia Huy

  • Bachelor of Applied Science (Aviation) 

  • Alumni, British Vietnamese International School (BVIS) Hanoi

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Nguyen Quoc Cuong

  • Bachelor of Applied Science (Aviation) 

  • Alumni, Tran Dai Nghia Highschool for the Gifted

Why study at RMIT?


The first international standard applied science degree in Vietnam, based on the same program at RMIT in Melbourne.


Learn and access global expertise with international academic experts.


Industrial internships or Capstone projects with RMIT’s global partners.


Opportunities to exchange or transfer to Melbourne or 200+ university partners of RMIT in more than 40 countries.

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Program Structure & Career Prospect

Bachelor of Applied Science (Psychology)

Discover how to apply psychology into different areas of our everyday lives, examine broad areas of human behaviour and more deeply in fundamental areas such as personality, psychopathology, social psychology, biological psychology, cognitive psychology, developmental psychology and research methods.

Bachelor of Applied Science (Aviation)

The degree offers the Aviation Operations and Management stream, focusing on developing a breadth of skills and knowledge across the aviation industry. This includes operational and management aspects of airlines and airports, ground handling and safety.

Bachelor of Science (Food Technology & Nutrition)

Unlock the secrets behind the innovative processes that turn raw materials into food products. Learn how scientists improve both the taste and nutrition of final commodities, and how nutritionists make positive impacts in global health.

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